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    Thursday October 13, 2016 6:30pm - 9:30pm.
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The Cause

As an accredited pregnancy medical clinic, our mission is to serve women with professional medical and physo-social services, especially those in unplanned pregnancy situations. We want our patients to have full knowledge of their options and empower them to make the best decision for themselves. At PAC, we know that an unplanned pregnancy is a life-changing and stressful experience, but we are here to guide our clients through every step of the process.

Here is how YOU can get involved… a letter from Debbie”

“Thank you so much for being a part of the TEAM that serves women and children in Linn County!
It is an honor to lead this team of people who truly walk out their convictions and DO what they can DO to help women.
Recently as we were serving a young woman who came in thinking that abortion was her only option we had the privilege of introducing her to her baby.
There is nothing quite like watching the shock then amazement come over their faces as they realize what they are looking at. Then the joy of hearing them say, usually crying…” I just can’t kill my baby”.

PAC is an amazing place to be a part of. Thank you for allowing a place like PAC to exist. I would like to share with you a poem that has greatly impacted my life and the ministry here at PAC. It begins with a story an old man told of his experience in Nazi Germany. During the Nazi Holocaust, he attended a church located next to train tracks that every Sunday carried Jewish people to the camps. Each Sunday during the service, the Christians sitting in church would hear the Jews cry for help as the train passed by. They felt that there wasn’t anything they could do to change the fate of these people. However, the screams tormented them. So to keep from hearing the pitiful cries, they would sing their hymns at the top of their lungs. If the screams reached their ears, they would just “sing a little louder.”

Up until the day this man died, those screams haunted him. This summer Americans learned the truth about the holocaust in America called abortion. What we have all seen cannot be unseen. The question is, what will our response to this holocaust be? Will we take action to stop our own holocaust and ensure that women have options where they can learn the truth? Or, will we just “sing a little louder”?

This Christmas we at PAC have one very simple wish. To show the truth to women of Linn County, so that we can continue to save babies, and help their mothers. Would you join our team as we fight this holocaust in America?

May you be blessed as you have blessed others.
Debbie Tracy
Executive Director

PAC’s Impact in our Community:

  1. We serve 600 individuals through our medical clinic and resource center programs each year.
  2. WE perform over 200 FREE ultrasounds for our patients per year.
  3. 94% of our patients CHOOSE LIFE for their babies after visiting our medical clinic.
  4.  100% of our efforts are to serve women in need of help. 

It will take only 365 individual donors giving $50 to FULLY support the mission of PAC. Currently we have 118 monthly donors.

Will you be ONE of the 365?

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If you are interested in learning about providing an estate gift, contact Debbie at 541-258-3500

Shelby's Story

All Shelby wanted for Christmas was for the pregnancy test to be negative. To say that she was nervous about the results would be a huge understatement. This just couldn't be happening to her, after all it only happens to other people, doesn’t it? She and her boyfriend, Drew, weren’t married, nor did they have jobs. There is no way a baby should be in the picture right now. In her mind abortion was definitely a thought.

Shelby didn’t believe abortion was wrong.
In her mind, it wasn’t even a viable baby yet.
Her biggest fear was that she didn’t know how to be a mom.

By the GRACE of God, Shelby walked in our doors and she saw her baby on the ultrasound screen. She started crying because she came face to face with TRUTH, and she couldn’t UN-SEE it. And because of the TRUTH, Shelby chose LIFE. Shelby and Drew are now the proud parents of a beautiful and healthy baby girl, and they are learning to be great parents through our Parenting Program.

I wish I would have made a different choice

If you have made a choice you regret or suffered pain and loss, there is healing. God wants you live in JOY, not the prison of sorrow. Restoration Ministries mission is to facilitate God’s healing to women in our community. Contact Michelle Foreman confidentially at (541) 860-8050 or by email at mlforeman1@hotmail.com

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